4 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Get ready to sweat it out!Sandra Okeke


4 Week Plan
Home based (No Gym required)
7-Day Nutrition plan
OPTIONAL support only
10+ Videos
Guaranteed results


This Program provides you with access to all the tools that you need to lose fat, tone your body, transform and achieve your weight loss goals. This plan is ideal for those who want to lose a significant
amount of weight (5-20kg). Please keep in mind fat loss takes time! You must be consistent even after this program for the best results!

You will receive access to 4 weeks of home based workouts only, a 7 day Meal Guide, and a downloadable program PDF! The workouts in this challenge includes a variety of resistance training, high intensity circuits and cardio options. You will have access to video demonstrations, playable workouts and more!

  • Latex booty bands, a tube band, a skipping rope and a cotton band here
  • Yoga Mat (Suggested but you can use a towel)


    • Videos are not downloadable

You have access to all your videos for the duration of the plan. Please note that our videos get updated every few months so you may have to subscribe to new challenges to receive new videos!

  • This is a HOME based program only. There are no gym options. You are however, free to train anywhere and incorporate weights and machines!
  • you get a downloadable nutrition PDF that includes a 7 day meal guide with 3-4 meals per day
  • 4 weeks of workouts, 4 training days per week, with structure and progression throughout the program to maximize fat loss and help you tone.
  • workout videos performed by me (demonstration videos are 10-15 seconds)



  • Different workout focus. This challenge is ideal for those trying to lose significant weight (over 10kg) or burn belly fat!
  • Different Access dates
  • Combining all challenges gives you more options with your training and you can begin training with either program.
  • Because the challenge is a guide, it is designed to be used independently at your own pace and risk.
  • Recommended for All Fitness Levels and for men and women looking to get fit!
  • This is an ONLINE program which can only be accessed when logged into your account on



The Whatsapp support group is where you can connect and chat with our #SOfitSquad from all over the globe! Instant support & encouragement is just a few taps away.


SOfit’s Whatsapp support group is NOT included in your purchase you can only request to join the support group once you have purchased a 4 week Challenge.  A number to request access is located on the program page when logged into your account only.  When requesting access please include: 
  • your payment screenshot, your full name,  the name of the program and your email address.

The goal is to keep the group spam free, friendly and safe for every individual.Sandra has the right to deny or remove a member in the group at any time,   Once you have been accepted please review and note the rules of SOfit’s group.

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4 Week Plan
Home based (No Gym required)
7-Day Nutrition plan
OPTIONAL support only
10+ Videos
Guaranteed results
Active Support 
Access Anywhere
Start Date: October 9 End Date: November 13