Fallen off track? Here’s how to get back into your fitness routine

As a trainer, I can tell you, it is tough sticking to a fitness routine. Sometimes life just gets in the way, making it more challenging to do the things we need to do or enjoy doing. Motivation escapes even the greatest of us. Whether you have been out of your routine for days, weeks, a month, or even a year – you are not a lost cause. You can reignite your workout and nutrition plan and achieve that dream physique you once aspired to. Here are a few tips to get back into your fitness routine. 

  1. Forgive yourself. You deserve it.

We often believe we’re not worthy or deserving of good things because we’ve slipped up or fallen back into old habits. It can be easy to feel disheartened and even blame yourself for letting yourself fall off the bandwagon. There is no need to beat yourself up about anything. Feeling down about yourself is not motivating, so it’s time to ditch that mindset and move forward. After all, the first step to getting on track is to forgive yourself for falling off it. 

2. Once you have forgiven yourself, find your motivation.

Set yourself up for success by preparing yourself in advance. Ask yourself “What do I need to do to get back on track?” Finding new motivation may include finding a new workout program to follow, finding a more sustainable meal plan that doesn’t require you to cut out certain food groups, buying some new gym wear or accessories, or even following fitness influencers who are honest and align with your goals. Whatever you need to do to get yourself motivated and ready to resume your fitness journey, write it down and get yourself organized.

3. Try to make one change at a time 

You must ease yourself back Into your routine. Don’t try to make extreme adjustments, remember the idea is for this to be sustainable. If changing your workouts, nutrition, and routine all at once is overwhelming you can simply make one change at a time. It is far more achievable to make improvements in one area of your life at a time this way you can focus all your determination and efforts on it and allow it to become part of your new routine. You can adopt this strategy by focusing a week on not eating junk, one week on doing meal prep, and one week on trying a new workout until all of these aspects coincide and become part of your new lifestyle. 

4. Stay accountable

Whilst being motivated within yourself is very important, some extra external motivation can also be very helpful in keeping you on track. Joining a SOFIT Challenge has helped thousands of women around the globe stay accountable. Not only do you have a set workout routine and meal plan to follow, but you also become part of our #SOFITSQUAD which will help celebrate your successes and keep you motivated throughout your journey. You can also stay accountable by getting a friend or family member involved with you. Even sharing your progress on social media can keep you accountable because someone out there will resonate with your journey. 

5. Focus on the journey, not the destination

It is important to remember that progress on any fitness journey takes time. You might be very far away from reaching your physique goal at the moment but that’s okay. Everyone at some point had to start somewhere. Every small step forward is one step closer to reaching your goals. But you must start. If you have fallen off track, the best way to get back on and stay back on is to focus on the journey, not the destination. Remove your mind from how long it will take to reach “that goal”. Give your attention to the healthy habits that form part of your daily routine that lead you to where you want to be. Learn to enjoy the journey and have fun along the way. There will be many successes and losses, but you must keep going. 

It can be tough getting back on track but you can do it!