4 Week Slim Thick Challenge (GYM)

Build and Sculpt your body!Sandra Okeke


4 Week plan
7-Day Meal Plan
Gym required
OPTIONAL support only
7+ Videos
Full body workouts
Training Splits


Get ready to build that body! This program is ideal if you’re trying to gain healthy weight, lose fat or tone! This means gaining lean muscle that’ll help you bring out those curves and look toned and sexy! Workouts will include booty, legs, upper body and core. These workouts will help you maintain or slim your waistline and achieve a Slim Thick physique.


  • The workouts for this program are full body focused
  • You have access to all your videos for the duration of the plan, access is cut off once the program ends. Videos are not downloadable.

  • Workouts include progressive reps and sets throughout the training program to keep challenging your body in a new way to stimulate muscle growth.
  • This is a gym based plan. There are NO live classes or personal group sessions.
  • PDF training guide that you can download
  • 7 day meal plan only. This will include a shopping list for variety and meals are suitable for ALL!
  • 4 training days a week with structure and progression throughout the program to maximize glute gains for that curvaceous #THICK body!
  • Workout demonstration videos performed by me.
  • Pre & Post stretch and glute Activation video



  •  This is a gym based plan however i do recommend you purchase a resistance bands especially for your glute activation warm ups. You can purchase the SOfit latex booty bands or a cotton band (visit the Accessories page).


  • You will have access to the program upon the start date. Your videos are not downloadable so you will have to be logged into your account on the website only.
  • You will have access to the program for the entire 4-weeks of the challenge. Once the challenge is over, you are granted 2 extra access days to view the plans before access is cut off. Your meal plan however is downloadable and yours to keep. You are advised to sign up for the next program and continue your journey.



The Whatsapp support group is where you can connect and chat with our #SOfitSquad from all over the globe! Instant support & encouragement is just a few taps away.

SOfit’s Whatsapp support group is NOT included in your purchase you can only request to join the support group once you have purchased a 4 week Challenge. A link to request access is located on the program page when logged into your account only.  When requesting access please confirm that you have answered the questions and your account is in accordance with SOfit’s guidelines.  All pending requests are reviewed within 48-72 hours by Sandra herself.

SOfit’s Whatsapp Rules – When requesting access you must include your name and the name of the program you purchased. Your name must match the name on your program order (first and last or last name as well). Failure to include this will cancel your request. There are no exceptions to this rule as SOfit will need to identify members at all time for account issues and giveaways when neccessary. The group is also designed for women and men to share their personal stories and photos. The goal is to keep the group spam free, friendly and safe for every individual.Sandra has the right to deny or remove a member in the group at any time,   Once you have been accepted please review and note the rules of SOfit’s group.

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4 Week plan
7-Day Meal Plan
Gym required
OPTIONAL support only
7+ Videos
Full body workouts
Training Splits
Active Support 
Access Anywhere
Start Date: March 8 End Date: March 29

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