4 Week Slim Thick Gym

Build and Sculpt your body!Sandra Okeke


Includes a 4 week Meal Plan
grow your booty & thighs and slim your waistline
Will help with fat loss and toning
Full body workout program
1 week training split


This program is ideal for those looking to build their curves by gaining lean muscle through strength training. This gym workout plan and meal plan will help achieve your desired Slim Thick physique if you are consistent and dedicated.

You will have access to the program via your downloadable program guide that will be available on your dashboard or sent to you on WhatsApp. Please be sure to SAVE this guide to Google drive/doc once you receive it.



The exercise routines are full body focused and will include a one week training split for your lower body, upper body, abs, cardio and HIIT. This one week split applies only to the gym version of this program. You are required to follow this split for 4 weeks and progress with your weights. You’ll have access to;

  • Downloadable PDF training and nutrition guide
  • 4 training days weekly and your workouts will include progressive reps and sets throughout the training program to keep challenging your body in new ways to stimulate muscle growth and fat loss.
  • This is a Gym based plan. There are NO live classes or group sessions or personal, one on one coaching!
  • Workout demonstration videos are provided in short clips and exercises are performed by me (in HD VIDEO FORMAT, no audio)
  • Workout videos are provided in links. Some of these videos will be downloadable through google drive.



  • Downloadable program Ebook with linked videos so that you always have access to your videos even when the program ends! Make sure you save and store this ebook because they will not be re shared to you! You will have to re purchase a plan if you lose access.

BRAND NEW 4 WEEK Meal guide also downloadable once the program starts. Meal plans include a food shopping list and incorporates accessible foods for all.


Because this is a gym plan, I only recommend purchasing a SOfit Cotton Band in any strength. Find accessories here


SOfit’s Whatsapp support group is now optional and does not come with your plan. You will automatically be added to this group for updates before the program however you are free to exit anytime. If you were not added, A number to message for access is located on the program page when logged into your account .  We reserve the right to deny or remove a member in the group at any timeWhen requesting access please attach the payment confirmation sent to your email that clearly shows your name and the program you purchased to make the response time more efficient.

There are no exceptions to this rule as we will need to identify members at all times for account issues when necessary also this group is also designed for women and men to share their personal stories and photos. The goal is to keep the group spam free, friendly and safe for every individual.

Please review the rules of the group in your program guide.


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Includes a 4 week Meal Plan
grow your booty & thighs and slim your waistline
Will help with fat loss and toning
Full body workout program
1 week training split
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