5 Week Shred Program

Get ready to sweat it out!Sandra Okeke


Burn body fat effectively
Home workouts (No Gym)
4 week meal plan (No dieting)
Workouts are full body
No live classes


My new and improved Weight loss Program SHRED & SHAPE provides you with access to all the tools that you need to lose fat (Shred), and tone your body (Shape), transform and achieve your weight loss goals. This plan is ideal for those whose primary goal  is to lose weight. Please keep in mind fat loss takes time! You must be consistent even after this program for the best results!


  • Latex booty bands, a tube band, a skipping rope and a cotton band here
  • Yoga Mat (Suggested. We do not sell these)


  • Different workout focus. This challenge is ideal for those trying to lose significant weight (4-6kg) or burn belly fat!
  • Combining all challenges gives you more options with your training and you can begin training with either program.
  • Because the challenge is a guide, it is designed to be used independently at your own pace and risk.
  • Recommended for All Fitness Levels and for men and women looking to get fit!

The exercise routines are full body focused and will include training splits for lower body, upper body, abs, and cardio/HIIT.

  • Workouts include progressive reps and sets throughout the training program to keep challenging your body in a new way to stimulate muscle growth.
  • This is a home based plan. There are NO live classes or group sessions or personal, one on one coaching! 
  • Ebook and Meal guide are downloadable once the program starts. Meal plan is 5 Weeks with breakfast, lunch and Dinner options with a food shopping list and incorporates accessible Nigerian foods.
  • You have access to all your videos for the duration of 5 weeks, access is cut off on the dashboard once the program ends so make sure you save your PDF guides so that you will always have access to your videos.
  • Workout demonstration videos are performed by me (in short HD VIDEO FORMAT, no audio)
  • Workout videos are NOT downloadable


After purchasing a program, What next?

log into your account. In order to view your program you must be logged in here 

Your program will be on your dashboard. Please read your program guide first before anything!


When requesting access to our WhatsApp group, please attach the payment confirmation sent to your email that clearly shows your name and the program you purchased to make the response time more efficient. Once confirmed, you will be sent a link to request access to this group. A number to message for support is located on the program page when logged into your account .  We reserve the right to deny or remove a member in the WA group at any time

There are no exceptions to this rule as we will need to identify members at all times for account issues when necessary also this group is also designed for people to share their personal stories and transformational photos. The goal is to keep the group spam free, friendly and safe for every individual.

Please review the rules of the group in your program guide.


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Burn body fat effectively
Home workouts (No Gym)
4 week meal plan (No dieting)
Workouts are full body
No live classes
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