“I’m NOt MoTiVAted”

Does this sound like you?

“SOfit, how are you always so motivated”

If so, stop relying on motivation to workout.
If you are struggling to stick to a diet or training
program, It’s not motivation you are lacking
Of course.motivation is that internal factor
which gives us a bit of excitement.
It’s nice. But you can’t rely on it.
Relying on motivation to carry you in your quest
to get in shape or be healthier is like relying on
always being happy to live a happy life. We’re
not always happy, and that’s okay, it’s
impossible to be 100% in a good mood all the time.

I have found that “motivation” is typically
attached to a goal

“I’m motivated to lose 47 Ibs”
“I’m motivated to get stronger”
“I’m motivated to perform better”

But this can be a problem because
Motivation is a feeling and it can go away


The person who enjoys working out and eating a
healthy diet, the person who LOVES it, or the
person who is working out and eating healthy
because they are constantly trying to lose

The answer is quite easy, the person who finds
satisfaction in the act is the person who is most likely to stay consistent. Because it’s no longer about the destination of “getting results”, it’s become a lifestyle choice. A habit. So whether they feel like it or not, whether they’re having the best day or not, they will make time for their fitness.

The person who finds satisfaction in the act is the person who is going to do it every day.
Fitness requires discipline, and you build this
discipline through consistency. Showing up even
when you’re NOT motivated.