6 Superfoods you should be eating this summer!

It’s officially Summer and in order to look and feel your best this season, you shouldn’t skip out on your superfoods. Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods essential for our health and well-being.  You don’t have to completely switch up your diet to get these benefits. Simply including some superfoods in your  diet can elevate your nutrition […]

Here’s what you should be eating before and after your workouts!

One of the most common questions that I get asked as a fitness trainer is, “What should I eat before and after a workout?” In the same way, our fitness goals differ, our nutritional needs are different as well. This answer may depend more on the individual and their specific activity, however, there are general […]

Thinking about cutting carbs? Think again!

One of the biggest nutrition misconceptions that has lingered on for decades is that carbs are the enemy and you should be avoiding them. Carbs have been demonized on social media for some time now leading to people feeling scared to consume this major food group.  If you have been under the assumption that you […]

A Nigerian’s Guide to a Healthy, Traditional Meal

I’m Nigerian. wait, you didn’t know that? I love me my native food. Yes i eat swallow, i eat jollof, rice and stew etc. I mean, are you really Nigerian if you dont eat any of these things? Tuh. One of the most frequently asked questions that i receive asides from “Are you Nigerian?” will […]