4 Week Slim ThickProgram Gym Plan

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Make sure you have downloaded your guides and have read them thoroughly! Please save your guides or back them up on your laptops, phones etc as they will not be re-shared to you if you lose access to them! Once a program has ended you will have to re-purchase the plan if you lose its content.

Monday- Leg Day

ROUND 2- Abs

Tuesday Back/Biceps

Warm Up- Treadmill for 25 minutes

ROUND 2- Abs

Wednesday- Glutes



Friday- Chest, Shoulder, Triceps


Saturday HIIT


Sunday (REST DAY)

You’ve completed the SOFIT Slim Thick GYM plan. What’s next for you? I recommend that you stick with this plan for at least 6-10 weeks! Also, to continue your journey with me you can purchase my fitness App and train with me at your fingertips for just $1 for your first month! I post loads of new content on there monthly so you always have something to look forward to!

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Table of Contents

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