Latex Booty Bands


The latex booty bands are a great addition to your upper body and lower body workouts! They are ideal for beginners. These bands are  rubber and they are thinner and not as wide as our Fabric/Cotton band. But there’s more to it than just how they look. They are suitable for all levels of fitness training whether you’re a beginner or an athlete. These bands have less resistance and they stretch more. Latex bands can be used in the same ways as our Cotton bands but latex bands are more elastic. You can take them anywhere, as they are easily portable. The bands also makes it easy to monitor your progression and gauge your athletic improvement, they come in three different resistance strengths which you can choose from
  • light
  • medium
  • heavy

When you look at the two, you can clearly see the difference. Cotton bands have a fabric design and they are wider and thicker, whereas latex bands are rubber and they are thinner and not as wide.

Cotton bands have more resistance, they are tougher and they are more durable so longer lasting. Moreover, they will not slip, roll up, or pinch the skin, not to mention, they are very hard to break. Unlike the latex bands that are prone to snapping, rolling up and folding during workout.

Latex bands can be used in upper body workouts due to its elasticity. Cotton bands are mostly for lower body because they aren’t as elastic.

To sum it up, we recommend you having both!

  Disclaimer: Due to its elasticity, latex bands are naturally prone to roll, fold and even snap so please use carefully!
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