Cotton Band Bundle (3)


Unlike the latex booty resistance bands, these fabric bands are made of polyester and latex silk with built in anti-slip material which allows it to stay in place during your workout without any folding, slipping and skin irritations. Having the entire bundle allows you to track your progress plus you can alternate between light, heavy and medium during your workouts. They come in three different resistance levels ranging from 20-50lbs; light (Beginner) medium (Intermediate) and heavy resistance (Advanced) Cotton bands are a staple in all my lower body weighted workouts and they are especially great for glute activation/warm ups. These Bands are effective for both home and gym workouts. They are lightweight and occupy almost no space, which is great for storage and travel! These bands are highly durable, they’ll last a long time and pose little threat of snapping while working out.  


When you look at the two, you can clearly see the difference. Cotton bands have a fabric design and they are wider and thicker, whereas latex bands are rubber and they are thinner and not as wide.

Cotton bands have more resistance, they are tougher and they are more durable so longer lasting. Moreover, they will not slip, roll up, or pinch the skin, not to mention, they are very hard to break. Unlike the latex bands that are prone to snapping, rolling up and folding during workout.

Latex bands can be used in upper body workouts due to its elasticity. Cotton bands are mostly for lower body because they aren’t as elastic.

To sum it up, we recommend you having both!

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