Semi-Custom Home Program for Weight Loss or Weight Gain


Get amazing results, transform your life, and join the Squad of over 3,000 people who are already smashing their goals!
How is this plan different from your Monthly Challenges?
  • My Custom plans are much more detailed in terms of your workouts and meal plan.  You get more videos and more meal ideas! I also provide you with a few recipes and a lengthier shopping list so you don’t even have to think about your nutrition.
  • You get access to me! Included in your purchase for free, you get to join my private Whatsapp  group where I and my team will answer your questions. This is a community to meet others from all over the world with the same goal as you; to encourage each other, and stay accountable.
    You can post your before and after pictures, along with any progress updates, in this group too. It really inspires me, and other members, to see your transformation.
Is this for me?
Yes! My online coaching is for everyone – men, women, beginners and advanced.
I have designed two coaching packages for you to choose from depending on your goal:
· The Weight Loss plan is ideal for those who want to drop body fat and tone
· The o increase muscle mass;
Is it personalised to me? 
This is a semi-customized program! You will be asked your age, weight, fitness goals etc and will be recommended a plan that falls into your category. However, with this plan, certain workouts can be changed or altered if you send in a request to SOfit.
Am I ready to start?
If you’re not getting the results you want it’s time to change the process; you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. So, if you’re up for putting in the work, and being consistent with the training and nutrition plans, you’re ready!
How long do the training plans last? 
The plans will be updated every month for as long as you’re a paying member.
Do I really get access to you? 
Yes, really! Your plans will be accessible via my website, plus access to the private Whatsapp group  for extra support from me and my team. I will also do regular check ins to answer any questions you have.
How will online coaching help me reach my goals? 
Having the additional accountability and support are proven and effective ways to reach your goal in the most time efficient way; especially when, plateaus kick in, you get frustrated, personal life challenges, feeling demotivated – I’ve been through them all! Going it alone makes it easier to give up when it gets tough.