What’s the Stretch?

I was 11 and my sisters and I were so excited because our parents let us go swimming alone for the first time.  The pool was just a few blocks away from our house as it was in our apartment complex. It was a hot, Saturday afternoon and we knew the pool would be crowded […]

“I’m NOt MoTiVAted”

Does this sound like you? “SOfit, how are you always so motivated” If so, stop relying on motivation to workout.If you are struggling to stick to a diet or trainingprogram, It’s not motivation you are lackingOf course.motivation is that internal factorwhich gives us a bit of excitement.It’s nice. But you can’t rely on it. Relying […]

All about Hip Dips

Big, round booties, an itty bitty waist and exaggerated, round hips have suddenly become the current beauty trend. Almost every female i see is striving for an hour glass, coke bottle figure. And as this is happening people are forgetting and neglecting what a normal, natural body looks like and even shaming natural bodies. As […]