All about Hip Dips

Big, round booties, an itty bitty waist and exaggerated, round hips have suddenly become the current beauty trend. Almost every female i see is striving for an hour glass, coke bottle figure. And as this is happening people are forgetting and neglecting what a normal, natural body looks like and even shaming natural bodies.

As a fitness Influencer with over 400k followers, it is very important for me to keep it real with people. As a society we have completely checked out from reality.  And as a fitness trainer, everyone assumes you have the perfect body. You have a body that almost everyone is aspiring to have. There’s this “body goals” label plastered on you and it follows you around but what a lot of people forget is that unless you’ve had work done, fitness bodies are natural and with natural bodies come natural “flaws”. 

Dips in our hips, stretch marks, cellulite, not-so perky boobs etc. I think it’s about time we started seeing more hip dips on Instagram and other social media. There are too many women in this world that have them and think they’re not normal. It’s about time we stopped telling women how to change their bodies, but tell them how to be the best version of who and what they are already. 

What are Hip Dips? 

Hip dips are the slight inward curve at the side of the hips, between the hip bone and the start of the thighs. If reduced to a skeleton, all of us would have an indentation where our hip bone meets the top of our thighs. Hip dips are a very normal part of our body’s structure. 

Not everyone has hip dips, but a lot of women and even men, do – including me! And if anyone tells you that you can get rid of hip dips, they’re lying. Our ‘hips’ are our bones. That’s all they are. And this bone is called the Pelvic bone. And if you do your research you would find that no amount of exercise you do would ever change the shape of your bones because that’s just up to your genetics.  Some people’s pelvic bones are wider than others, giving them fuller hips whereas other people have a more narrow pelvis. 

Can you get rid of hip dips?

As stated before, no. Your dips aren’t going anywhere and honestly, there is no reason to want to get rid of them! But if you want to reduce their appearance, there are certain exercises you can include in your workouts. These exercises only target the layer of muscles you have sitting around your pelvis. This will help build those muscles to give your hips the illusion and appearance of being wider. If you look at my second photo where i was posed it looks as if i have wider, fuller hips. 

Natural bodies have dips. Like i said, not all women have them. Some women are naturally curvier and fuller in those areas. But a lot of surgical bodies generally look the same because they get fat injected into these areas so the ratio of their waistline  and their hips are just not natural. Then the thighs will of course never match the size of their glutes. So don’t you ever put yourself down if you don’t meet up to this standard. THEY don’t meet up to the standard either. 

Whilst a lot of us have been focused on making the booty look poppin’ from the back – you shouldn’t neglect the sides of your booty! So squats are great, but you should isolate those smaller muscles. 

You may not be able to ‘get rid’ of hip dips, but there are exercises you can do that help to build the sides of the glutes for a more rounded booty. Exercises that target the gluteus medius (side booty muscles), which also will help to stabilise the pelvis and help develop your overall booty strength! 

What exercises should I do?

Any and every Lower body and glutes-focused workouts should be your priority to build a well-rounded booty. Your lower body workouts should focus on:

Hips (gluteus medius and gluteus minimus)

Thighs (quads, hamstrings)

glutes (gluteus maximus)

My Slim Thick 4 Week Challenge and my Booty and Abs program are the perfect plans for this – you’ll feel the burrrnnn whilst focusing on shaping your booty and whole body toning. My classic booty bands should also be a staple in your workout routine if you want to intensify the booty burning effect!

Here are 3 examples of booty workouts you can do! 

With this article I want you to take away that the visibility of your ‘hip dips’ depends on how indented your pelvic bone structure is. The amount of body fat you have can make hip dips more noticeable. 

It’s also normal to have insecurities, we all have them. Can you do exercises that will help reduce the appearance? Yes. Through certain exercises you can build the muscles sitting around your pelvis in order to give them a rounder, fuller shape and the illusion of wider looking hips. 

So remember, while you can enhance your body shape through exercise and healthy eating patterns, you cannot change your bone structure. I am no longer aspiring to look a certain way anymore. I love my body, every blemish, every mark. My focus is maintaining my strength and just being active everyday.

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