2 in 1 Booty & AbsHome Plan

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Table of Contents

Warmup Video

Week 1-Week 2

Monday- Legs

Accessory Needed: A SOfit Cotton Band

Tuesday- Abs

Wednesday- Upper Body blast

Accessory Needed; A SOfit Tube Band and Pull Up Band , 5kg Dumbbell (this is optional)


Friday- Booty Focus

Accessory Needed; SOfit Cotton band and Latex Booty Band

Saturday- Full Body Blast

Sunday- REST

Week 3-4

Monday- Lower Body

Tuesday- Ab Attack

Wednesday- Upper Body

Thursday REST

Friday- Booty & Hamstring pump


Saturday- Full Body

Round 1

There are 2 rounds on this day. Complete 3 sets of each round here !

Round 2

These are your workouts for the next 4 weeks. You have the same exercise split for Week 1 and Week 2, likewise required to follow the split for Week 2 and week 3 as provided. Please download and read the program guide before starting your workouts for better understanding of how to follow this program!

Table of Contents

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